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Interesting News and Info

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Interesting News and Info

Post by MichaelG on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:25 pm

Some really interesting points being made here in this person's statements.

The decision to RV the Dinar has already been made and cannot be stopped at this point … Sinian Al Shibibi was appointed to his position by Art Bremer-G.Bush with the approval of the UNSC and sec General….

He cannot be removed by Maliki ….among the items I read this day is a reval of the Kuwaiti Dinar- That did not happen- they merely raised their sell rate against the dollar and opening rv of the IQD ….

Several weeks ago, the UNSC/Sec Gen authorized a release of 1 billion US Dollars for Libya in humanitarian aid. These funds belong to that nation. The USA cannot pay the funding w/out the reval of the Dinar- This statement was made in a speech by Mr. Hutchinson of the UK who is the foreign development secretary ….

Several days ago, there was a meeting of the world's players Central Bank Prez's along with Chris Legarde IMF- WTO and WB was represented. They were directed to immediately take aggressive action to "reset the global economy by use of a "New Currency" which had a sustained value (IQD ….This was supported by shibibi's statements for the Dinar to be used in reserves of each nation whose central bank prez was represented the Dinar is set to RV almost immediately and the process has already started …Should Maliki attempt to depose Shibibi in any manner- he WILL BE REMOVED ….

Do not be misled by the hype coming out of Iraq at this moment- the directive has been given and will be carried out this nonsense of the Dinar coming out at $1.00 is just that nonsense….

The Dinar was removed from the world stage at a rate of $3.22- since that time we have seen new oil wells discovered- natural gas deals- agriculture- gold etc. why would they return the Dinar to the world stage after discovering all this at a rate far less than when they removed it? each Dinar printed in the new denoms is BACKED BY GOLD….

Now, with the powers that control commerce in the world giving the order, why would anyone think that a know nothing thief and liar like Maliki could stop this? In addition Germany/France have sent orders to de La rue for a new printing of the duetsh mark and franc- they are about to bounce the euro…

I am certain that other nations in the EU will follow- they have also publicly stated that this will be the DEMISE OF THE EU- (a blow to the Rothschild’s) I have always stated that the base rate of the Dinar upon its re-introduction will be $3.00 with the devalue of the dollar and euro, it is possible it could come in at $6.00- however I would not be looking for that amount upon cash in….

We would most likely receive $3.75-$4.40- with the balance being split between banks-Fed/Treas…They cannot crash the dollar- with the turmoil in Europe- the dollar will be safe until these devils come up with another plan- I would expect it to go to .86 cents and hold ……………………………………….I have been informed that it is being worked at this moment and all are on board- I am expecting to see it this week before or by the 15th…

Should that not occur, I will be looking for this month- Lagarde was very clear- they are to MOVE NOW……………….funding- that will come from the RV ….from the mouth of Shibibi- "The implementation of the revalue of the Dinar is a process that at this stage cannot be stopped"….Meaning the word has already been given to activate thru all central banks associated with Basel- IMF-WB-WTO ,,,For a few months now, I have watched the chat here- just thought I would come on and give you folks some info….

Oh happy day. hehehe

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Re: Interesting News and Info

Post by bjm6961 on Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:07 pm

Thanks for the update.

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